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Council, Cabinet, Committees and Meetings

Current Committees


The Cabinet is the Council's main decision making body, responsible for providing effective strategic leadership.


Council (comprising all 48 Members) is responsible for setting the budget, council tax and significant policies for the area. It also considers reports and recommendations from Cabinet and other committees.

General Purposes Committee

To consider Human Resource issues including changes to terms and conditions of employment.

Appointments Sub-Committee

To deal with appointments of senior staff.

Employment Appeals and Ethics Sub-Committee

To determine cases of potential breaches by Members of the Code of Conduct

Licensing Committee

The Committee is responsible for formulating the Council’s policies in respect of a range of licensing functions including the Licensing Act 2003, Gambling Act 2005 and taxis.

Licensing Sub-Committee

These Sub-Committees are responsible for determining applications made to the authority under the Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005 when representations have been made.

Northern Area Planning Committee

To determine planning applications that fall within the northern half of the Borough.

Overview & Scrutiny Committee

The prime purpose of the Committee is to hold the Cabinet to account and review specific issues within service areas.

Planning Control Committee

To determine within policy or very exceptionally outside policy those planning applications referred to it by either of the area Planning Committees.

Southern Area Planning Committee

To determine planning applications that fall within the southern half of the Borough.

Historical Committees